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this is just amazing!

relaxing after the longest journey ever..

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hey friends!

we finally arrived in Sri Lanka on the 23rd - two days of travel all in all :) anyhow, who cares because it's definitely worth it!!! we do nothing but relax, drink, eat.....the hotel is just great and the spa treatments even better =) i didn't have "time" yet to update the blog as we are just enjoying every second!

yesterday was the first time we spent x-mas at the beach...very strange but awesome! party and dancing outside at the beach oh my goooooood what else do we need??? :)) and the 7-course-dinner? delicious!! by the way, the food is very spicy and close to the Indian one, but as i love spicy food, this place is made for me!! =)

what's going on at your places? any news??? let me know!! =)) hopefully you had some fun family christmas dinners too!! :o)

the Sinhalese (people living in Sri Lanka) are really really friendly and helpful!! the guys living next to our hotel even walk around with their elephants at the beach haha crazy!!

okey, talk to you soon and wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
sorry i can't load up pictures yet as this hotel computer is not one of the newest models =) will do so as soon as possible!!

Jenny ;o)

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14 hours delay!!

this is going to be the longest journey ever....:o)

input from Jacky's diary...>

"just a short hi from amsterdam! I know I'm supposed to be at the beach right
now, but instead of that I'm stuck here in holland! My flight is more than 14
hours delayed! wow I'm really pissed off right now, I love amsterdam, but not
the stupid airport! I think I know every single product of every single duty
free shop by now :)
well I'm just writing out of my desperate boredom, hoping you all share my


alright, a little bit more than 3 hours to go....by then we will FINALLY leave Europe hooraaaayyy!! :)


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still in Zurich....:-(

Zurich airport sucks!!!!!


shiiiiit! The weather in Amsterdam is very very bad and freezing, so that our plane didn't even start in Amsterdam to fly to Zurich for our "pick-up"...so we're sitting around at the great Zurich airport waiting for KLM to get us to the Netherlands! the only positive thing is the delay of the second flight from Amsterdam to Colombo, so we're not going to miss that one at least.....anyhow, going for some beers and glasses of wine now, just wanted to keep you updated.....

we want to leave for the beach now comeooooonnnnnnnn!!!!

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4 hours to go!

Colombo is waiting for us....:-)

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it's now 4 p.m. in Zurich and i am closing the last tools in the office....4 hours to go until our plane gets us to our first destination via Amsterdam...arriving at Colombo airport on the 22nd December 2007 at 4:20 p.m.! i am sooooooooo ready to gooooooo!!!

sorry guys for leaving you alone during Christmas and new year party time...but at least you can check out what's going on at the other side of the world while you are partying in the white winter world! pictures, stories, videos...whatever could make you smile here in Switzerland! =)
check out the hotel pictures for the time beeing until i have reached Sri Lanka! sun, beaches, delicious food,.....by the way: the weather today - 31 degrees :-P

okey, take care and don't forget to visit the jenny on the blooooog ;o)




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Zürich - Colombo - Sydney - Perth - Singapore - Zürich

........hopefully it will never end........


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